CS:GO weekly: Flashpoint, ESL adjusting to world affected by coronavirus

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Significant growth across major metrics. The largest number of unique viewers on a single day was 20 million. The event was broadcast in both linear and digital partners worldwide, who produced and distributed content in 21 languages. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The tournament drew an average audience per minute AMA of , with a peak day of 1,, After intense qualifiers and shocking upsets, it was ultimately the reigning Intel Grand Slam Champion Astralis making history in their victory over underdogs and fan favourites ENCE, winning two back-to-back Major championship titles in front of an at-capacity Spodek Arena crowd.

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Counter-Strike is well-known among a number of gamers. Unlike a lot of early shooter games like Call of Duty, there is no story mode. Instead, players are dropped on a random or previously chosen map in multiplayer games. The game pits two teams against each other, with the objective of eliminating the other. In addition to that, teams also have to complete separate objectives. Since the game operates on a team basis, players can join teams or create new ones.

Of course, lots of CS:GO players like to strike out on their own, or go down the lone wolf route. These players all play under the Astralis tag. Natus Vincere include the likes of, Perfecto, Boombl4, electronic, s1mple and flamie. Meanwhile, Mousesports boasts of the likes of woxic, frozen, chrisJ, ropz and karrigan. Finally, fnatic includes gamers like Brolan, flusha, golden, JW and Krimz.

There are even numerous tournaments held across the world. The team….

HenryG teases 128 tick servers in official CSGO Matchmaking

The best teams, the best casters, the best crowd and the best chance to meet all of your favorite streamers, players and YouTubers: ESL One Cologne has it all! What happens in Cologne, only happens in Cologne! CS:GO is love. CS:GO is life. TrilluXe has been a very active content creator on Twitch and YouTube focusing on Counter-Strike for more than 5 years.

Watch CSGO channels streaming live on Twitch. Sign up or login to join LIVE: Furia vs Chaos – Inferno – ESL One Cologne – Group A – EU · ESL_CSGOb.

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Fnatic is once again ranked as the world number one CSGO team

If you are a fan of the Counter-Strike series, you should not miss the Global Offensive. Like other Counter-Strike series, it is an objective-based, multiplayer shooter game. You already know how it works — there will be two opposing teams known as the Counter Terrorists and Terrorists who will contend in different game modes to reach the objectives like securing a location to defuse a bomb or rescuing hostages.

ESL Counter-Strike (@ESLCS) April 12, that Valve has servers set aside for players to use for matchmaking into a game of CSGO.

Valve countered this strategy of Riot by shipping a large number of updates to the game, ranging from map and gun changes to quality of life changes to make the game better. The community seemed to love the constant flow of updates and reciprocated in kind. In the Twitch clip , HenryG is seen teasing about tick servers across all matchmaking in the next few months. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery.

Why Counter-Strike Competitions Banned the Game’s New Character Models

Home About Us Services Contact. Game materials copyright Valve. We can also scan your matchmaking demos to help you gain the edge over other players. Curious about what percentage of CS:GO players are in each rank? Compare your CSGO stats against your friends or favorite streamers. Automatically track your CS:GO stats, matches and rank.

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The new format will not only allow the league to become even more competitive but also emphasizes the importance of every match for the qualification leading to the season finals. The Asia-Pacific group matches will remain unchanged for now, being played out online. Only the winners of the European and American groups will receive a direct spot in the season finals that are played in front of a live audience.

Teams that finished second and third in their groups will proceed to the second round of group stage. Within the Asia-Pacific region, winners and runner-ups will be able to secure one of the second group stage slots. During the second group stage European teams must score first or second to play at the season finals whereas only the winners of the America and Asia-Pacific regions get the chance to proceed further in the tournament.

The new format will conclude after a maximum of four weeks full of gripping esports, allowing players and teams to focus on the CS:GO Pro League for a shorter time frame within the vivid CS:GO ecosystem. With the great commercial and competitive success of recent years we are grateful to be in the position to invest into improving Pro League even further. Since its inception in , the CS:GO Pro League has grown season-over-season with some record breaking numbers in online viewership and live event attendance.

This elite group shares a collective vision to continue to professionalize esports by introducing elements of player representation, standardized regulations and revenue sharing for teams. Based on traditional sports association models, WESA also aims to create predictable schedules for fans, players, organizers and broadcasters by engaging all appropriate stakeholders. ESL covers a broad field of services in gaming technology, event management, advertising and television production, fully catering to the needs of the esports ecosystem.

With offices in North America, Germany, Russia, France, Poland, Spain, China, and partners in many other countries, it has a truly global footprint www.

Coronavirus outbreak forces ESL Pro League Season 11 to go online-only

As a result, multiple esports tournament organizers TOs have forbade players from using them in match play. Cosmetic items are commonplace in competitive video games, so why were these ones so detrimental? The issue is that several of the CT agents are designed with a variant of green camouflage, which can blend into the background on certain maps. Custom player models in CSGO is, unfortunately, game breaking. The only way this idea works is an option to disable it. The idea is bad for gameplay.

The only CS:GO stats profile based on official Valve Matchmaking games! Our stats do not include data from deathmatch, nor training maps! All you’ve got to do​.

A lot has changed in its eight years of existence, so here is how to get started quickly. As with every game, you first have to get CS:GO on your computer. Since the game is developed and published by Valve, you have to install their client Steam first. After downloading, you can create a new account for free. This only helps you play with other prime members and to get into lobbies with a higher trust factor.

The higher your trust factor, the less likely you will encounter cheaters in your matches. To get started, a free account is enough though. Once you have installed the game, you can start it from the symbol on your desktop or directly from your steam library. Keep in mind that the ingame music is turned to max volume when you boot up the game for the first time, so maybe lower your volume beforehand.


As the coronavirus COVID has continued to spread around the world, businesses have had to make monumental shifts in short periods of time, including canceling travel, enacting strict work-from-home policies and, in some cases, shutting down completely. The leagues that host Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitions are no different. On Monday, Los Angeles-based Flashpoint — one of two leading leagues in esports’ second-most-popular game — announced it would transition to an online competition format, moving away from the studio the league used in the first week of play on Friday through Sunday.

Its competitor league, the ESL Pro League, took similar measures on March 11, shifting from its plans to compete in Malta to dividing the league into two regions, North America and Europe. No one will argue against the decision made by Flashpoint and the ESL Pro League to move to a play-from-home format, but Flashpoint running its first week in a studio in Los Angeles stood out as a surprise.

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Esports are passionately followed by millions of fans around the globe on a daily basis. With the games featuring a wide range of formats, competition types and schedules, Field Level Media is producing a series of overviews to introduce you to the most popular titles, teams and personalities. It was released in as the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series, with Valve transitioning the game to a free-to-play model in December Players are rewarded at the end of each round based on their performance, earning virtual currency to spend on additional weapons or utility.

Completing objectives earns cash bonuses, while actions such as killing teammates incurs penalties. Competitive mode features two teams of five players competing against each other, with each player having a skill-based ranking.

Understanding the Main difference between ESEA, FACEIT and CEVO

It would be easy to port its own maps over to Source 2, but the big stumbling block has been the community-made maps and skins – which are proving to be a real problem. Alongside improved performance across “all areas”, there’s new bomb reset triggers added to A Site, B Site, and Dock. Site A seems to be the focus here, including changes to wall foliage, tweaked angles for clearer sites, and making it easier to jump.

Louvre Agreement’ creates new framework for CS:GO ecosystem agreement between leading CS:GO teams, ESL and DreamHack will and matchmaking systems, creating a world where everybody can be somebody.

M4A1-S Golden Coil. Win a raffle entry for every CS:GO match played for a chance to win this amazing prize! AK Case Hardened. Your team is good enough to compete in the ESL Meisterschaft? Then check out the official website. Keep an eye on the official website for upcoming details.

ESL (company)

For the first time in over four years, Fnatic is ranked as the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team in the world. The honor comes after almost nine months of increasingly strong play that saw Fnatic evolve their style and add new members to it roster while retaining veterens. All three were on Fnatic’s first CSGO roster, and all three have spent time on teams other than Fnatic before returning to the organization. Somehow, they’re playing like they never left in the first place, eight years after they first donned the orange and black uniforms.

Should one play CS:GO official matchmaking or FACEIT? Views · What does it take to become a professional CS:GO player? 25, Views · How do I.

ESL are the also the oldest esports organisation still in operation today, with the company based in Cologne, Germany, although they have offices at eleven different locations around the world. ESL launched back in , starting out by establishing an online gaming league, as well as a gaming magazine. They also rented out servers for gaming tournaments and events.

With over 3 million registered members at the time of writing, their standing at the top of the esports industry is certainly justified. ESL have also worked tirelessly to eradicate drug use from professional gaming, after a player admitted to using Adderall following the ESL One Katowice They have since worked with national anti-doping agencies and the world anti-doping agency in a bid to enforce anti-doping regulations. Random tests were implemented for the first time, with punishments for those guilty ranging from reduced prize money to disqualification, along with two-year bans from all ESL events.

A year later, and having already staged a similar event the previous year, the ESL One New York took place, with Dota 2 and Counter-Strike again dominating proceedings.

CS:GO – Cloud9 [teamspeak] vs Fnatic (dust2) @ ESL ESEA Pro League Finals

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